1)  How do I adjust the weight?

        -First, insert the included inflation adapter into the ball.  To decrease weight, simply squeeze the WAM Ball.  To increase the ball's weight, attach the other end to a threaded faucet or garden hose. 


2)  What's the difference between the WAM Ball and the WAM Ball II?

        -The WAM Ball has an additional layer in the ball makeup which gives it the solid feel of a traditional medicine ball.  The WAM Ball II is designed for durability, and forms for an easier grasp.


3)  If there's just water in the ball, won't it slosh around when thrown?

        -When the WAM Ball's are not fully inflated, there is a slight secondary force of the water moving.  This then stimulates the muscle's otherwise hard to manipulate fast twitch fibers.  This ultimately makes any traditional exercise more effective.


4)  How durable is the WAM Ball II

        -WAM Ball LLC aggressively tested this ball in activity based exercises.  For example, to simulate the overhead throw, we dropped the WAM Ball II from approximately thirty feet several hundred times.  Like the other tests, we observed no significant damage. 


5)  What if my WAM Ball is defective upon arrival?

        -If there is any flaw in the manufacturing of your WAM Ball you have 60 days to send the ball back for full replacement.  Refer to, WAMBall.com/policy.htm .


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